It’s the birth of Storyvore!

Welcome, Beta testers!   This message is just for you.

Some random facts:  It will be a high of 68 degrees today.

It is not groundhog day yet.

It is not Christmas yet.

It is not Thanksgiving yet.

It is not June 19.  Yet.

New York is to the East of San Francisco.  Volkswagen is a car, not a doughnut.  The new Wes Anderson movie is great!

In Marin, people are getting in their hot tubs right now.  In San Francisco, we are pulling on scarves right now.

The solstice is one week away.



  • Christy, I love your new logo and the site is handsome. You’ve done an excellent job of showcasing your work and making it look as important as possible. I’m doing consulting work on the East Coast and have a website in the works that will launch soon with more current work. My blog isn’t old but it’s producing great results. I just got a very big consulting project yesterday. I wish you continued success and will follow your blog as soon as there’s a way to do so.

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